How To Train Your Cats To Obey and Simple Tricks?


We do not lose sight of the fact that the training and breeding of cats for some goes beyond being a kind of well-being to the stage of charity work in order to reward and reward good, and may even lead some to make the breeding of cats at home a means of practical education for children to take responsibility. Whatever the reasons and motives of raising cats, the decision to go ahead in this need to learn a lot about how to feed her, when she is married, how to treat her when she is sick, as well as ways to treat her in the case of illness. Training cats in standard daily practices, and human beings in the training and breeding of cats, they are fast-understood animals so that they can learn and absorb many things quickly.

Train Cats Not To Bite:
Cats are inherently gentle and friendly beings and respect the human and do not hurt him, but sometimes they resort to biting their owner, and here it should be emphasized that the behaviour of eating in cats is either the result of problems that cause them to taste such as tooth pain or the presence of caries, wherein those cases they resort to biting as a means of telling For what you feel, in this case, you should consult your veterinarian to do the medically necessary work. Except for oral diseases, biting in cats is healthy, adjustable behaviour, as cats think it’s a kind of fun and play with their owner only, and through simple training, steps can make them give up biting once and for all, and highlight the following steps:

Owning cats and raising them at home must play with her even for at least ten minutes a day, fun with cats aims to win her friend, as it is a way to satisfy the hunting instinct and chasing them, especially when playing certain games such as: throw the ball to go and bring it, or move the finger in front of her to pick it up.
In such games the untrained cat will try to attack its owner and bite, and here begins the training with a straightforward and quiet procedure which is to stay away from them and withdraw from play without reprimand or harm.
The next time you notice that your cat is trying to alleviate or try to avoid biting, this is a good sign, but she probably won’t be able to eat while playing. Here the coach repeats the same thing he did the first time: to get away and withdraw immediately. With the passage of days, especially with what we have mentioned playing with her every day, her instinct will bite with her owner and will get used to stopping it altogether.
It should be noted that some breeders use water sprays while training cats not to bite, but this behaviour is not benign, it may lead to harm, especially to infiltrate the water to her ears, and may lead to the cat to dislike the owner, and cats of the type Shirazi may affect her psychology Death limit.


Training cats on the place of sleep
It is known to prove some research studies considered a set of damages for sleeping next to cats such as allergies to vulnerable immune systems such as: children, and the transfer of microflora from the fur to bed .. Etc.

Hence the importance of training cats to sleep in their independent place alone and these training steps are as follows:

The first element of success in training sleep in its own home is the choice of a right and ideal place for cats, which should be quiet and warm in winter and away from the currents of air and noise and reassuring and appropriate to the size of the cat, moreover, it is desirable to be close to the movement of family members with whom the cat is familiar with, Easy to get in and out of the cat, comfortable to see the cat to the entire surroundings, easy access to the place of food and drink and eliminate the need.
The second element is to equip and furnish baskets, sat, or old bed with a soft bed, and then put it in the chosen place according to the above conditions. Before the cat falls asleep in the owner’s bed, she is moved to the new sleeping place, knowing that the cats may be fed up in the beginning. The sleep in this place may be considered a punishment by depriving her of sleep next to the owner, but gradually and with the reward of food and toys will return within two weeks.
It is necessary after cats get used to the new sleeping place. Close all bedrooms so that you can not enter or sleep in them. It is also essential to expose your cat’s bedding to the sun daily to get rid of fungi and other, with washing at least once a week.


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