How Can You Persuade Parents To Acquire a Pet With Several Tricks?


There is a crisis with all families in the acquisition of children of a pet, a crisis that makes them do not like to see any pets in their house, and the issue of convincing parents to buy a pet usually make you afraid of taking it because you expect the results will be a total rejection and not allowed at all, how can we convince Parents in this issue to rethinking about their refusal? Especially that pets make a cheerful atmosphere in the house and play the role of entertainment and enjoyment, even if they are accustomed to love.

Why the parents always are afraid to buy a new pet for their children?

the price
Persuading parents to acquire a pet is going through several plants, notably cost, dedicated food, sand, vaccinations, vaccines, etc. All of this cannot be easily avoided, and the exceptional care we give to this pet is the first to do something more meaningful.

Fathers believe that cleanliness is one of the things that hinder their conjunction with any pet and they do not know that according to animal care is clean and sometimes cleaner than human, but who says that the conversation with parents can be objective at all.

Tampering with home furniture
From this point of view, we do not guarantee you much support, tampering with wires, playing with shoes, biting, couch, etc. All this makes it difficult to accept, so you must solve this dilemma at first and then work to convince parents later

How To Convince Parents To Acquire a Pet ?


Make Them Watch Pet Videos
There are dozens of videos on YouTube for the light shadow of cats, dogs and other pets, which are real videos that make you laugh from your heart and wish you had a pet now, so do not try some simple videos and will make them tell you that they want to come to a cat and therefore plan to persuade parents to have a pet Has been successful.

Tell them it’s an experiment
After persuasive attempts that fail, tell them that it is an experiment and that you will bring your cat or dog only for two days and bring him back again and that you do not want to stay there at all, but only two or three days at most, they may be less conservative with this proposal.

Haggle them
Something for something, you want them something and they want something from you, tell them you will achieve what they want on the condition that you want to bring a pet home, maybe that alone will make them acquiesce to the status quo and understand that just as they have desires and things you wish you also have things you want to achieve, Persuading parents to acquire a pet took the practical, utilitarian path.

Use the experiences of others
Use the experiences of others to persuade them. You give examples of people who have pets and have no difficulties or problems in their lives. The more pressure around them, the weaker their position, and the more examples of close relatives and acquaintances, the more critical it is to convince them. Easier.


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