How Can You Prepare Green Bean Salad In More Ways Than One?

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Green bean salad is one of the most popular appetizers on the table besides snacks. It helps to open up an appetite and at the same time, retains nutrients, vitamins and minerals and can be served in many different recipes.

Green bean salad contains high levels of proteins and natural fibers that help to further the feeling of satiety and increase the proportion of calcium, phosphorus and iron in the form and the rate of water by nearly 90% of its components and thus help digestion, and even lessen the number of calories and unsaturated fats, which Make it a side dish integrated nutritional value, so served in significant eateries beside various fast food such as pizza or chicken sandwiches or meat such as burgers as great as barbecue, let us review with you in detail in the following lines how to prepare that delicious salad For methods and recipes, follow us.

Green Bean Salad Pizza Hut:

You can prepare the green bean salad at home as easily as it is served outside as it is served next to a light dinner or a variety of baked goods or cheese pastries, especially pizza, by bringing the following ingredients:

Half a kilogram of green beans.
Two fruits of onion.
A quarter cup of white vinegar.
Spoon lemon juice.
Spoon sugar.
A little salt and black pepper.
Two fruits of pepper colors.
White beans can be added as desired.
How to prepare:
In the beginning we wash the amount of green beans well and then cut them into medium-sized portions and put in a cup of boiling water on the fire for twenty minutes until they wilt a little, and in the meantime the two onions are cut into medium-sized slices where left in the amount of warm water for Ten minutes to wither and then remove from the fire and add the amount of sugar with vinegar and a little salt where kept in the refrigerator for two hours, and here we work to cut the peppers colors into longitudinal slices thin size and then add the remaining amount of sugar with salt, vinegar, black pepper and lemon juice And we start to raise the Vaso O water and added to the former mixture and volatile ingredients well and then add the amount of onion and leave in the refrigerator again for three hours and offers so cold and health and wellness.