How to Master The Art of Drawing Eyebrows For Yourself Without The Need For a Beauty Salon?


It is not reasonable to show the beauty of the face without conferring the beauty of the eyes, and the beauty of the eyes can not be demonstrated without drawing eyebrows, but few women who can do this task themselves, and have to resort to beauty salons, in the following lines we learn ways to draw eyebrows at home.

Eyebrow art is a fashion these days, but the way differs from woman to woman, and there are beauty specialists wherever in the world to draw eyebrows in a unique fake vary from face to face and also differ from colour to colour depending on the skin of ladies, but there are different ways to draw eyebrows at house without going to the salon Beauty.

Design Eyebrows With a Pen:

There is a collection of steps that you need follow to get a veil with a shiny and attractive appearance, and draw it must come after the makeup of eyelashes and eye and be drawn eyebrow pen through you make the decision at the beginning to know the eyebrow drawing that you want to get which is the closest form of drawing natural eyebrows and the most appropriate to your face.

Then use the concealer and then set the white cosmetic on all the brow until the painting is fixed and do not go away with time during the day, and any shape you want to draw is by drawing two lines and they are the basic angle at the end of the brow by drawing the bottom line of the first part and must complete the second part of his eyebrow drawing is a straight line that connects to the lower line.


Design Eyebrows In Tattoos:

You can follow a collection of steps to paint eyebrows with a tattoo and are made by knowing the eyebrow drawing relevant to the shape of the eye and face, and can use the templates in this step, and then comb the eyebrows by using the brush for this step, and lift the brow hair through them upward and national This is the step of cutting long excess hairs.

Then, clean the areas around the eyebrows with excess bristles by using thread or tweezers, to arrange the shape of the eyebrows and highlight them aesthetically and distinctly, then re-combing the eyebrows again to see if there are increases or not.

Then start using the eyebrow drawing pen from the bottom in the middle area, which is the beginning of the upper height of the eyebrow ultimately, and identify the eyebrow in the area that you selected from the bottom but in the same direction from the top, and make sure to fill the empty spaces to be one shape and full Lightly and softly.


Then comes the step of determining the beginning of the eyebrow through the tattoo pen to draw the eyebrow, and through the upper movements and re-combing the eyebrow again with a special brush comb, to make sure the distribution of color on the different bristles in the eyebrow and density in the same form in order to give the eyebrows aesthetic appearance and attractive and exciting and 100% natural .

After that, you can apply a specific amount of your skin from the concealer in each area surrounding the eyebrow from the top and bottom, and then distribute it distinctly through the use of flat brush, and blend plainly and uniformly through the use of eyebrows for installation.

This step is significant to hide every blemish that appears on the side of the eyebrow, it hides excess hair and redness, which you did not know removed by thread or tweezers depending on the way you use, and concealer helps to degrade the eyebrows and to be more distinctive and prominent with the use of eyebrow shades well and attractive by using a brush For shading and fixing the tattoo and color on the eyebrows for a long time