How to Make Slime Dough at Home With Safe and Natural Materials?


Slime glue first appeared in the market in 1976 by Mattel, and the wax was the component that the company relied massively in its industry, and early this goop resulted in gaining the admiration of many children, the idea took several companies and developed in the form of several other games The only problem was the material from which Slime paste is made. It is dangerous for children, but lately, I discovered several ways we were able to make the slime paste at home with safe materials, and this is what we will know now.

How to make Slime shampoo?

With difficulty in the availability of materials for the manufacture of traditional Slayem paste made in 1976, such as borax recipes, people are moving towards cheaper and more available materials, both in local markets or homes. The development of methods of preparation of slime paste with various materials has increased dramatically. The most popular methods are shampoo, corn starch, shampoo, toothpaste, shampoo, and salt. We will show you in the next lines, these recipes briefly.

the elements to prepare
Shampoo and corn starch.
Two cups and a quarter corn starch equivalent to 280 grams.
Half a cup of shampoo equivalent to 120 mg.
Six tablespoons of water equivalent to 90 mg.
Mixing bowl.
Some synthetic colors and glitter can be used to give it a great shape.
How to prepare
Place the bowl on a holder and empty half a cup of shampoo inside.
Two hundred eighty grams of cornstarch is poured on the shampoo and mixed with a spoon and then use the hand to get a slime paste with a very high viscosity, can reduce the viscosity with water spoons and then add colors and glitter and so you will get a slime paste with shampoo and cornstarch.

Preparation of Slime paste with shampoo and salt :


This is one of the easiest ways to get a slime paste, and you can do it by:

Recipe ingredients
Shampoo and the quantity are compatible with the desired amount of Slime paste.
Salt and no specific amount is required.
Large bowl for mixing materials.
Shower liquid.
How to prepare
The amount of shampoo you choose is placed in the bowl.
We put the amount of shower liquid to adjust the viscosity of the dough.
We put some salt, and the amount of salt varies depending on the shampoo used, and we continue to stir until the mixture turns into one block, and then the bowl is placed in the freezer for 15 minutes, and then the dough is ready to play with and sometimes the money turns into a liquid again and this problem can be solved by placing the bowl in the freezer for a quarter of an hour back.
So we have shown ways to get the slime paste in the most used and safest way and only using simple household items, and I think you should save only five minutes to try one of these methods and you will have great fun after, and you can also work in a short time to get rid of the inconvenience of a small child Long. All this is thanks to Mattel, who opened this door for us and made us enjoy this entertainment and certainly must know that the slime paste is not the clay paste is better in use, and this has prompted some to call it magic clay, and you will know this when playing with it, and so you will not become worried about Your children are slime.