Say Stop To Cracked Heels With This Amazing Homemade Remedy!

Simply pour the water in tub and put the soda and the salt. Soak feet for fifteen minutes, and after pat them dry and rub with the pumice stone. That’s will remove the dead skin later.

Step Two – Scrub

You will need: 

1 Sugar

 2 spoons of oil

Add the sugar and the 2 spoons of oil into a bowl and rub your feet with the scrub you just prepared for five minutes. Then finally wash the feet with fresh water.

Step Three – Moisturizer

You will need:

  • Oil
  • Candle

In a bowl add the oil and the candle and pour in hot water. Then let it cool. After it does, use the foot cream you already prepared by applying it on your feet. Cover with socks afterwards.

It’s not serious for most people to have cracked heels. When you go barefoot, it can cause discomfort. Cracks in the heels can get very deep in some cases and cause pain.