You may think this is funny, but it’s very important, you need to look at your urine.

Your urine says a lot about your health and your diet; which can help you with your daily nutrition intake. The color of your pee reveals whether you’re hydrated enough, what types of food you’re eating if you have an infection and if you’re on medications or vitamins.


The color of your urine says a lot. A healthy person’s urine is typically yellow; almost clear to bright yellow. Your urine is yellow because of uroblins (also known as urochomes, a pigment that turns your urine yellow).
Your urine carries these uroblins when diluted with water your urine turns to light or almost clear (meaning you’re hydrated). The wives-tale is true, the darker your urine means you need to hydrate. So start drinking water.

If your urine is cloudy, it can mean that you have some phosphate in your urine, which can lead to kidney stones. If your urine is constantly cloudy, it could mean you have an infection. If cloudiness gets worse and you experience burning or urgency, go see a doctor.

If your urine is blue-green, it can mean you’re changing medication or vitamins. If you’re not on medications or taking vitamins, go see a doctor.

If your urine is fluorescent yellow or orange, it can mean you’ve had a lot of vitamin c, carrots, beets, or any food that is orange. Some medications may turn your urine orange too. If your urine is dark orange or brown, it may mean you have bile in your urine. If you haven’t taken vitamin c or had orange-colored food, you may want to see a doctor.

If your urine is brown, it can reveal that you’ve had beans, rhubarb, or medications. Brown urine can suggest liver problems as well. Go see a doctor.

If your urine is smelly…well let’s be honest, urine doesn’t have the best odor, but you can tell when there is a foul smell. Usually coffee or asparagus change the smell of your urine. If you haven’t had coffee or asparagus, make an appointment to see the doc.